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"My overall all impression of Scott was professional, qualified and friendly. His service was nothing but excellent!"

"Scott handled the sale of my property efficiently and with no problems."

"We felt more comfortable with Scott than with other Realtors we'd tried. Plus he was open with us from the start. Additionally, he actually knew what he was doing instead of acting like it. Honestly we are amazed at how smoothly everything went"

"Scott was very professional. He made us feel comfortable. He has an excellent knowledge of housing construction and provided us with information to ensure we bought a well built home"

"Scott was extremely prompt in returning phone calls and explaining what to expect in purchasing our first home. Our overall impression of Scott was professional, prompt, protective and concerned."

"Scott is a very enthusiastic and knowledgeable Realtor that really helps the buyer every step of the way. He worked to the very end at trying to resolve a difficult issue with the sale."

"The thing that impressed me first about Scott was his integrity. We think he's great!"

"His professionalism and dedication is evident through his shear love of the real estate business. Many times I would call Scott's office at 7pm or later and he would be there working. Scott's realistic negotiating stance with our buyer brought the situation to a successful close. He is one of the best Realtors in the business"

"My overall impression of Scott was that everything was handled like a professional and that he looked after and took care of everything needed for my husband and I to purchase a home that I would never have dreamed of doing. He is a nice, funny and agreeable person that I had the pleasure of meeting. Thanks Scott for being there to help us!"

"Pretty much hassle free and enjoyable. A real go getter. Very friendly and easy to work with."

"I interviewed 3 other Realtors, they all gave good presentations but Scott's stood out. He appeared to be aggressive. He was state of the art with computer and communications. His office concepts were heads above the rest"